Automate Information and Business Workflow

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Grabex Soft Systems

Grabex Soft Systems (GSS), located in Chennai, India, is an emerging business workflow solution provider of information capturing, validation, verification and correction solutions through world class products, solutions and services, founded in year 2010 by an Indian Entrepreneur Mr. Prithvi Kingston Durai.

Grabex Soft Systems has been developing products and solutions which are constantly improved over years, in collaboration with a range of consultants and companies. The software's automatically captures, verifies, validates, corrects, formats, store and loads the domain specific information. The software's are flexible and available in variety of technology forms to address the specific business needs of customers and clients.

Grabex Soft Systems provides expert domain specific business workflow solutions that automates the manual work completely and services that improves the companies productivity enabling to focus on core business values. Grabex Soft Systems as part of Solution Consultant work closely with the Clients to develop right software providing solutions to domain specific business workflows.

Our Products, Solutions & Services reflects our mission by establishing a strong bridge between end user and product lowering & shrinking the gap between product and user expectation. Our products and solutions are well architect-ed & designed with simple, easy to use interface & thoughtfully crafted solutions to reduce the burden of mundane tasks & automates the business workflow and data-entry. Our mission is to make domain specific products to address the exact needs of our clients. We excel as Grabex Soft Systems with customer satisfaction by providing right Products, Solutions and Services.

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Vision and Mission

   To be a world leader in information and business workflow automation.
  To help our Customers achieve their business objectives, by offering innovative and value added products and solutions. By delivering a services of highest standards to our Clients through our core values.


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Our Core Values and Beliefs

Customer Oriented
   Our Products, Solutions and Services are prime outcome of our customers and clients. We focus relentlessly on the growth and needs of our customers. We provide flexible, practical and value added solutions & services. We deliver results by constantly taking the initiative.

   We approach our business with creativity, fresh ideas, lateral thinking and a commitment to do things in a new way to offer world class and competitive products, solutions & services to our customers & clients.
Team Work
   We implement and believe in the highest standards of unity. We succeed through teamwork based on mutual respect and the desire to invest in each other’s success.

   We believe WE CAN. We are encouraged to realize our potential and to reach greater heights. We are dedicated to continuous improvement which is reflected in our leadership in technology, implementation, operations and quality standards.

   We are dependable and responsible people committed to being open, transparent, honest and direct in all of our activities. We take responsibility and accountability for our actions in making sure we honor our commitments. 

   With the firm belief that quality can never be compromised, our goal is to stick to this premise by always exceeding expectations when quality is on the line.


Prithvi Kingston Durai

CEO and Founder

Grabex Soft Systems

Mr. Prithvi Kingston Durai founded Grabex Soft Systems in year 2010 and operates as CEO. Kingston oversees the definition and execution of the company’s strategy, provides organizational leadership and directs all aspects of the company’s day to day operations. Kingston was instrumental in laying down & redefining the technology vision, mission and development of the company’s G1 Products and Solutions. He has been an inspirational, passionate and innovative entrepreneur since 2010.

Kingston extensively involved in managing, developing software's that directly impacts the company productivity & business since 1999, is a front-runner in the field of Microsoft Technologies. Kingston contributed his work cum leadership to & developing industry giant companies like Philips, Seimens, Huawei Technologies to Start-up companies like eGrabber Inc, Orchid Soft Systems, Winplus Soft Systems. Kingston's vast experience & exposure to multi-domains from startup to established companies in diverse corporate culture makes him forerunner in field of technology, process and leadership. Kingston was inspirational throughout the career to both lower & upper management with his impeccable interpersonal, communication and management skills, being critical to company's decision & success.         

Kingston holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Annamalai University, TamilNadu. Kingston with flair for education certified in Business Administration and Computer Applications.