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Partner Program


A measure of any business is its strategic partnerships and the depth of these partnerships. Grabex is no different, A key go-to-market success of Grabex over the years has been our partner network of resellers and solution providers. Grabex and our CEO Mr. Prithvi Kingston Durai strongly believes that committed partners are the best means of achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction, and to this end we have designed our partner program to provide:

  • Competitive discounts on solutions and services
  • Extensive training and partner support
  • Cooperative selling and marketing support
  • Best-in-class solutions to drive greater brand and partner value

In addition to our innovative products, the Grabex Partner Program offers expanded revenue generation and demand creation initiatives, competitive discounts, and new product offerings to help you profitably expand your business. Our yearly award, reward and recognition program further bridges the loyalty and profitability with our core & potential partners.

1. Reseller Partner Program


The Reseller Partner Program (RPP) authorizes Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators to sell and support Grabex products. Extensive sales, marketing and technical support and training services are available to Reseller Partners to ensure their success. Additionally, they receive a complete product library of Grabex end-to-end solutions for sales presentations, support functions and internal use. Contact our sales and marketing team for more information at
2. Technology or OEM Partner Program
The Technology Partner Program (TPP) facilitates the integration of third-party solutions and plug-in developers with Grabex products and solutions. Our Technology Partner's third-party solutions are the most important resources for extending the functionality of Grabex. Technology Partners receive valuable benefits, including a variety of technical and marketing support, such as access to product demos and upgrades, access to Grabex SDK, technical tools and documentation, and product beta testing opportunities. Contact our technical management team for more information at



Steps to join partner program

1. Prerequisite

  1. Must have owned website.
  2. Must have valid email address registered with owned website.
  3. Knowledge on Grabex products, solutions and SDK's will be an added advantage.  

2. Fill-up and Submit Partner Program Application

We will contact you as soon as possible. On successful registration with Grabex Partner Program the partners will receive a Signed Partner Code which will be used by our partner for

  1. Priority based Technical Support
  2. Track the growth contribution with Grabex
  3. Single sign-on partner portal & marketplace (coming soon)


For any further details on partnership including agreement and code of conduct, contact us at