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Staffing Solutions and Services
Grabex Soft Systems (GSS) is a young and fast growing Software R&D Company based in India provides Staffing -  HR, Jobs & Recruitment and Outsourcing Services. Grabex Soft Systems provides Staffing & Outsourcing services to Small Business Companies to extend business functions. Grabex Staffing Solutions & Services help clients achieve improvement in the areas of quality, cost, time, service, and speed. We work closely with organizations to meet their recruitment needs by managing end to end recruitment process with special accent on excellence.

Grabex R&D with core expertise, experience and skills in developing Staffing, HR and Recruitment Software Solutions extends the experience to contribute to the success of small to medium size business organizations who need to complete the recruitment process but do not have all the internal Staffing - HR & Recruitment infrastructure in place, or are in quick ramp up, where the existing internal Staffing - HR & Recruitment team needs support from external talent partners to complete the hiring process without losing any time or money.


Grabex Staffing Solutions and Services comes handy with averages ~3-8 years of manpower experience and strong 2 years developing Staffing, HR and Recruitment Software Solutions experience based on internal HR & Recruitment process, satisfying the needs which is whole source of success to extend the services to support our clients business needs and requirements.



Staffing Services

Job or Employment Services

Grabex Staffing Services provides free services for Companies to post Jobs and and Candidates to apply for Jobs and post CV or Resume. The Grabex Job or Employment Services is the quickest medium to advertise Openings and Resumes. 

The elite Grabex Job or Employment Service for Companies and Candidates. The service focused to Analyze, Build, Advertise Resumes, Job Campaign, Top Jobs for Candidates while Companies benefits with Job Posting & Advertising, Resume Database and Campaign. Grabex Job or Employment Services keeps track of technology advancements and new portals to stay competitive, thus ensuring information flow dynamic through automation. Its ideal for both Companies and Candidate to quick start on Jobs & Employments and can benfit...

  • Companies & Corporate
        Job Postings & Advertising
        Recruitment Drives
        Campus Placements
        Resume Bank & Database
  • Students & Candidates
        Resume Analysis & Building
        Resume Posting & Advertising
        Career Guidance & Counseling
        Placement Drives
        Job Search Publishing
        Consultant & Recruiter Lists

Grabex Job or Employment Services is simple to kick-off. Just register with us and get the quote on various offers that comes under the program. So don't wait to make things happen when things can automatically happen. Register Today for elite Service!!!


Recruitment Services

Grabex Staffing Services provides recruitment solutions and services for small, medium and large size companies. Companies can register for short term service with focused just-in-time requirements or long term with full manpower planning requirements. Grabex Staffing Services enables companies to focus on quality candidates catering to the industry, domain or competency specific requirements. Grabex Staffing services delivers service at faster rate within the agreed & defined SLA's with companies with high in quality driven through highly experienced, skilled and expertise recruitment professionals and expert Staffing Software Solution.  Grabex Staffing Services provides flexible mode of conducting recruitment and are available as

  • Just in time recruitment (Short term Contract)
  • Outsourced recruitment (Long term Partner)

Grabex Staffing Services is simple and starts at once upon registration. Grabex Staffing professionals reaches and collects detailed recruitment requirements from the company including the understanding of business, current process and workflow to enable better service. The professionals steps to source for candidates from multiple sources, analyze them quickly and interview the screened candidates for the requirement within a shorter duration. The shortlisted profiles are verified for reference and background. The sucessful candidates are submitted and referred to clients and companies for selection process.

Grabex Staffing Services collects CVs, Resumes and Profiles froom multiple source like Jobboards, Search Result, Social Network, internal Resume Bank to provide you qualified candidates.

The sourced candidates are analyzed by Grabex Staffing Professionals and Analytics to meet clients and companies requirement requirements.

The analyzed candidates are then screen based on the priority list and relavance state. The candidates are contacted to find availability and discuss the Job opportunity.

The screened candidates are then interview by domain specific professionals to test the candidates for the business requirements and conducts technical interview for suitability. The succesful candidates are approached for references.

The interviewed candidates are prioritized based on the performance. the back ground checks are made based on the reference through email and phone verification.

The shortlisted candidates are sent to Clients and Companies hiring manager or co-ordinator for the business level interview and selection process.


Grabex Staffing Services values client and quality of delivery, in the spirit of that, Grabex Staffing Services reimburses 50% of the per head charges on the recruitment in the event candidate fail to clear probation period within the company for all permanent placements. The one time mandatory registration process provides clients a unique membership identification code, which is used throughout the recruitment process and loyalty benefits. Grabex staffing services cuts 30% of the companies HR work and provides full fledged recruitment services.



HR Operations & Services

Grabex Staffing Services provides collaborated & shared HR Services and Solutions to small, medium and large companies. Grabex HR Services offers innovative and cost effective HR expertise in design and deployment of HR Processes and Practices customized to suit the client's business requirement which could be industry bench marked.  Some of the critical function but not limited to, at Organizational and Employee level includes

  • Organization Services
        Corporate Presentations and Promotions
        Organizational Structure & Job Descriptions

        Staffing and Recruitment
        Culture Establishment
        Policy Establishment
  • Employee Services
        Induction Programs
        Engagement Systems

        Performance Management
        Development Planning and Training Programs
        Retention Programs
        Counseling & Perception Survey
        Compensation and Benefits Programs
        Exit Management

Register Today to start HR Operation for your organization and gets benefited with shared operations and services from Grabex HR Operations & Services. 


Why - Core Benefits
Grabex Staffing Services is extended service provided by Grabex Soft Systems. Grabex Soft Systems has already established itself as Product Company in the field of Information Data-entry and Business Workflow Automation. Grabex Staffing solutions are well established within the company. The solutions have cleared the beta phase successfully, claiming the trust and interest in last two years. Grabex products received 5 star being favorite. Apart from proven solution development in Staffing- HR, Jobs & Recruitment, Grabex brings in...

  • Expertise in developing staffing - Jobs, Recruitment & HR software solutions
  • Experienced & Specialized network of professionals & analytics in Staffing - Recruitment & HR
  • Average company wide experience in Staffing is ~3-8 Years
  • Secure and Trust-worthy, the USP is locked ensuring business & competitive edge
  • Fast and Qualified Candidates Availability
  • On time and defined SLA driven Services
  • Extra-ordinary packages bundled with & in services
  • Proficient & Professional Communication ( Culture Sensitive )
  • Money back & loyalty based benefits
  • 24x7 Support and Assistance
  • Cuts recruitment cost, time and effort to 30-50% down