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Software Development and IT Solutions
Grabex Soft Systems (GSS) is a young and fast growing Software R&D Company based in India enables Services  in Software Development and IT Solutions. Grabex R&D provides Software Development & Outsourcing services in wide range of Domains, Sectors and Industries. With core expertise, experience and skills built on Microsoft Technologies and Windows Development, we contribute to the success of small to medium size business organizations. We isolates us in Industry by focusing and as best Development centre, in Microsoft Technologies for Windows, " We do only what we are best at ". Grabex R&D averages ~10years of experience in the field Software Development and Management which is whole source of success to deliver on time and quality rich services to support our clients business needs and requirements. The software development strictly adhere to company quality procedures and regress testing cycles which cuts overall duration through effectiveness and efficiency, " First Time Right ". The maturity further extends with excellent client interaction from understanding the clients business need to delivering and deployment of the solutions E2E. We understand our clients better by working closely to deliver the expectations with excellence. We take a pride to designate our Grabex R&D as " Centre of Excellence ".



Technical Competencies - Technologies & Tools
Grabex R&D Services possess the expertise & specialized in whole range of Microsoft Technologies that can be used to develop efficient software products and applications in Windows including program and project management. We always choose most feasible and efficient technology for designing and developing solutions and believe that it works as a base that caters to the exact business needs. We provide strikingly balanced software development and minimal project duration, availing a rare cost advantage for business. Our Technology and Tools selection for the development is always industry tested and adopted which leads to rapid and quality development. Grabex Soft Systems further extends and strengthens the development cycles with Open Source Development Philosophy.

These include:

  • C, C++, WIN32, VC++, MFC, COM, ODBC
  • Dot Net, C#, WCF, WF, WPF, ADO.Net, XML
  • MS-Access, Oracle, SQLServer, mySQL
  • Visual Studio 6.0 / 2005/ 2008/ 2010
  • Visual Source Safe, SVN
  • CPPUnit, NUnit, Ant, Nant, NCover, Clover.Net
  • Internet Explorer and MS-Office Addin Development
  • WMI, Windows & Enterprise Service Development
  • MS-Office, MS-Project, MS-Visio, Open Office, Star UML
  • Dundas, XT-Toolkit, Open Source Libraries like Boost, ACE, ICE, Berkeley, etc



Technical Competencies - Training and Development
Grabex R&D invests constantly and heavily on training and development of the internal professionals on the upcoming and latest technologies, " Sharpen the Saw ". The process gives Grabex R&D Professionals a competitive edge in the industry and wide spectrum to see and address the technical challenges and provide solutions in innovative, efficient and optimal way.  The process enables excellent design, architecture skills and deep understanding of technical issues allows to design the right architecture that ensures quick, cost-effective and future-safe solutions and helps to troubleshoot technical issues quicker and shave off development time.



Management Competencies

Grabex R&D are manned by experienced technology managers and veteran consultants with strong know-how and experience in the respective technologies and domains. The professionals ensures that their knowledge and competencies are imparted across various project teams through learning sessions, workshops and the corporate intranet. This ensures fast, reliable high quality solutions by leveraging the formidable repository of skills available through the Grabex R&D.



Software Development Model

Grabex R&D internal processes are well defined and cater to our clients needs. We tailor the practices and process based on the Software Development requirement and Clients need. Some of the successful and internally adopted models are...

  • Agile ( Scrum + XP )
  • Iterative V-Mdel
  • Prototype & Waterfall


Service Engagement Model
Grabex R&D understands clients and the client needs, thus provides flexible and wide range of Service Modes. Grabex R&D Internal process and development life cycles are flexible enough to accommodate any type of challenges based on the clients need and makes things happen & possible. Upon selection of Service Type all the relavant processes, methodology and development life cycle is determined.

  • Contract ( Short and Long Term ) 
        Fixed Cost & Variable Scope*
        Fixed Time & Variable Scope*
        Fixed Cost, Fixed Time & Variable Scope*
  • Partnership ( Extended R&D Service )


Software Development Services

Grabex R&D provides offshore software Development services as an extended development partner and collaborate with organization to support the software development life cycle. The side by side development gives mutual business edge and rapid development by retaining the focus on core business value. The extended development model provides clients with a long term software development outsourcing strategy, with quick start and future ramp ups. Also enables clients to leverage consistent project management, progress tracking and transparent process capabilities for a remotely managed software development facility that matches their quality and security standards.

  • Offshore Projects - Contract Basis ( Short Term )
  • Offshore Product Development - Contract Basis ( Long Term )
  • Offshore Research and Development Centre - Partner ( Continuous Business Relationship )

Software Maintenance
Grabex R&D provides offshore software maintenance services for organizations needing software maintenance and support. Software maintenance is an integral part of software development life cycle. Grabex provides end-to-end outsourcing software maintenance services ensuring that issues related to software maintenance are resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimum time frame for critical applications.

  • Corrective or traditional maintenance - Debug & Fix
  • Perspective maintenance - Upgrades & Change Request
  • Preventive maintenance - Refactoring, Stabilization & Optimization
        Code Level
        Design and Architectural Level
  • Adaptive maintenance - New Feature

Software Testing
Grabex R&D provides offshore software testing services for small and medium organizations. Grabex R&D performs software testing services in a controlled environment and ensures that for every major release, a quality test cycle is undertaken for different operating systems, platforms and architecture. By inheritance, Automation and industry proven tools are part of the testing cycles from inception to completionto ensure the consistency, effciciency and effort shave. Organization rapidly uses this services to ensure CMMI Compliance and in Critical Projects for FDA.

  • Test Design
  • Test Case Development
  • Requirement Tracability Matrix
  • Functional Testing
      Static Analysis
      Unit Testing & Code Coverage
      Module\Component Testing
      Integration Testing
      GUI and Structural Testing
      Impact Analysis
      Regression Testing
      System Testing
      Acceptance Testing
      Test Automation
  • Non-Functional Testing 
      Load and Stress Testing
      Performance Testing
      Scalability Testing
      Capacity Testing
      Dynamic ( Memory, CPU ) Analysis
      Usability Testing
  • Test Report & Clearance


Why - Core Benefits
Grab R&D is extended service centre of Grabex Soft Systems. Grabex Soft Systems has already established itself as Product Company in the field of Information Data-entry and Business Workflow Automation. Grabex products have cleared the beta phase successfully, claiming the trust and interest in last two years. Grabex products received 5 star being favorite. Apart from proven product development, Grabex brings in...  

  • Expertise in developing complex software products and solutions
  • Experienced & Specialized network of professionals in Microsoft Technologies and Windows
  • Average company wide experience is ~10Years
  • Diverse Domain, Sector and Industry expertise in Software Development and IT Solutions
  • Range of Software Development Methodologies & Life Cycle adept to business needs
  • Secure and Trust-worthy, the USP is locked ensuring business & competitive edge
  • Fast, on time and quality development service
  • Proficient & Professional Communication ( Culture Sensitive )
  • 24x7 Support and Assistance
  • Expert Program and Project Management to support every stage of Development & Communication

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